< home  < risk factors   stomach cancer what is stomach cancer? cheap generic viagra Stomach (gastric) cancer starts in the stomach, a sack-like organ that holds food and begins the digestion process. viagra cheap online pharmacy Cancer can start in any part of the stomach. side effects for women taking viagra The stomach has five layers. cheap viagra online As cancer grows deeper into the layers, the prognosis for the patient gets worse. Starting from the inside, the innermost layer is called the mucosa. Buy cheap viagra 100mg Next is a supporting layer called the submucosa which is surrounded by the muscularis, a layer of muscle that moves and mixes the stomach contents. The next two layers, the subserosa and the serosa (the outermost) layer, act as wrapping for the stomach. generic viagra online Stomach cancer usually starts in the mucosa (adenocarcinoma). side effects for women taking viagra Facts: according to the illinois state cancer registry, in 2008, about 990 new cases of stomach cancer will be diagnosed in illinois. viagra women more drug_uses Of these, about 620 will be in men and about 370 will be in women. About 610 illinoisans are expected to die of stomach cancer in 2008. cheap viagra online What are the causes and risk factors of stomach cancer? vision changes with viagra Scientists have found several risk factors that make a person more likely to develop stomach cancer. prescription viagra jeunes The major risk factors include: bacteria infection: infection with bacteria ( helicobacter pylori) may be a major cause of stomach cancer. Long-term infection with these bacteria can lead to inflammation and damage of the inner layer of the stomach. This bacterium is also linked to some types of lymphoma of the stomach, but most people with this bacterium never develop cancer. Tobacco: smoking almost doubles the risk of stomach cancer. Diet: an increased risk of stomach cancer is linked to diets high in smoked foods, salted fish and meats and pickled vegetables. Eating whole grain products and fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins a and c appears to lower the risk of stomach cancer. Where is a safe place to buy generic viagra Obesity: being overweight (excess body fat) or obese (abnormally high, unhealthy amount of body fat) is a major risk factor of many cancers, including cancer of the stomach. http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-buy-cheap-viagra-canada-di/ Stomach surgery: stomach cancer is more likely to occur in people who have had part of their stomach removed. Type a blood: for unknown reasons, people with type a blood have a higher risk for stomach cancer. side effects for women taking viagra Stomach polyps: polyps are small mushroom-like growths on the lining of the stomach. buy cheap viagra Most types of polyps do not increase the risk of stomach cancer. One type, adenomatous polyps, sometimes develops into stomach cancer. viagra for sale Gender: stomach cancer is more than twice as common in men. generic viagra buy uk Ethnicity: the rate of stomach cancer is higher in hispanics and african americans than in non-hispanic whites. cheap generic viagra The highest rates are seen in asian/pacific islanders. buy cheap viagra Age: stomach cancer is most often diagnosed after the age of 50. viagra without a doctor prescription Family history: people with several close relatives who hav. over the counter viagra uk Viagra online with prescription
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