Hypersomnia symptoms         sleep is a repetitive interruption of wakefulness corresponding to the sraa interruption (reticulated system activator bottom); during this faze, body functions are still controlled by the underlying anatomical structures.        hypersomnia is classified as one of the disorders responsible of initiating and maintaining sleep or as an excessive sleepiness disorder , characterized by a disturbance in the quantity, quality or regulation of sleep.        the first hypersomnia symptoms reported by persons suffering from this disease are the tendency to sleep during the day, although the night sleep was long enough. canada pharmacy online viagra Sometimes the sleep can even occur unwittingly. male viagra and women Episodes of sleep during the day do not occur in the form of "attacks", but occur in situations in which stimulation is low (eg reading boring, long road). viagra side effects vision loss Hypersomnia symptoms and the social life        the real quality of sleep at night is normal, measurements showed an increased physiological sleepiness, which is why patients report the appearance of sleep after a much shorter period of time; it does not appear as a 'sleep attack', suddenly. viagra canada online These episodes of sleep may unintentionally damage the socio-professional and relational activities, the drowsiness may be at the same time an inconvenience but also dangerous, especially if the person is driving a car. buy generic viagra         the long night's sleep accompanied by a slow morning awakening, can lead to a certain inability to follow morning activities. is viagra ice cream real Moreover, the efficiency, focus and attention during the day can change in their downward. 20 year old need viagra In addition, this drowsiness can be interpreted by the others as boredom or as a lack of interest; this facts can alter the social and familial relationships of the person presenting hypersomnia symptoms.        in this case, many people with this disorder when waking up are confused, irritated, they tend to do things with a reduced complexity, as an automatic activity, for example, they can realize that they have driven the car for a long without actually figuring out the whole journey, automatically. buy generic viagra online These people are at risk of self - treating themselves by taking pills able to stimulate them, keeping them awake in order to develop their own activities during the day. generic viagra canada        the most obvious of the hypersomnia symptoms, the excessive sleepiness, can be seen in the context of infectious diseases, in encephalitis, liver diseases, kidney diseases, myxedema, the excessive use of substances that induce sleep, etc.        the essential element of this disorder is the excessive sleepiness for at least a mo. buy viagra cheap buy viagra canada yahoo answers
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