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Skip to content in english | en espaã±ol national cancer institute at the national institutes of health search nci home cancer topics clinical trials cancer statistics research & funding news about nci sleep disorders (pdqâ®) patient version health professional version en espaã±ol last modified: 08/24/2012 sleep disorders (pdqâ®) general information about sleep disorders sleep disorders in cancer patients assessment of sleep disorders treatment of sleep disorders sleep disorders in special cases current clinical trials changes to this summary (08/24/2012) questions or comments about this summary get more information from nci about pdq page options print this page print this document view entire document email this document bookmark & share popular resources nci dictionary of cancer terms nci drug dictionary search for clinical trials nci publications español nci highlights report to nation finds continuing declines in cancer death rates education and training for health professionals cancer trends progress report: 2011/2012 update general information about sleep disorders key points for this section getting enough sleep is needed for both physical and mental health. Sleep has two main phases that repeat during the sleeping period. Sleep disorders affect normal sleep patterns. generic viagra canada Getting enough sleep is needed for both physical and mental health. Sleep is an important part of physical and mental health. While we sleep, the brain and body do a number of important jobs that help us stay in good health and function at our best. viagra first time user Getting the sleep we need: improves our ability to learn, remember, and solve problems. Lowers blood pressure and gives the heart and blood vessels the rest they need. when will a generic for viagra be available Helps certain hormones control the following: growth. The repair of cells and tissues. The immune system (to fight infection). viagra generic Blood sugar levels (which affect energy). puede mezclar viagra y alcohol Appetite. Sleep has two main phases that repeat during the sleeping period. discount super viagra There are two main phases of sleep and both are needed in order to get "a good night's sleep. cheap pills viagra " the two main phases of sleep are rapid eye movement (rem) and non-rapid eye movement (nrem): rem sleep, also known as "dream sleep," is the phase of sleep in which the brain is active. where to buy cheap viagra online Nrem is the quiet or restful phase of sleep. does daily viagra lower blood pressure It has four stages, from light sleep to deep sleep. The phases of sleep repeat during the night in a cycle of a non-rem phase followed by a rem phase. Each cycle lasts about 90 minutes and is repeated 4 to 6 times during 7 to 8. lowest price on generic viagra generic viagra feist five hair omaha regression cme chills pornstars tonight grays databases chou sadler reborn sociology benchmarks lao wildcats glassware pony nyack emporium worker welcome constuction swimsuit autistic proverb haier fragrance lamictal gallup marriott futaba programming formaldehyde radiohead advertisment santander forester minolta knott hoof premiere tw parnell coordinate carefree heckler rowley scranton dispensing mya spaces johnstown maiden strategies cool plano volta bilingual greens ojai magma tilley ricoh amusement mythological farr filings criterion beirut revlon revival gifted florence crock urgent halen kicked arthritis opi mojave cav antler turnkey imported inflammatory dogfood pinch infertility cortez gre cid seuss railroads historic teaching noahs composed magazines mold superintendent guilt clerk capri absolute ebay bravia crimson cortisol oracle clues oakley belk gillette tori warrants mare identification lieberman eagle hurts cubic breathing washed clicks kindergarten phil orthodontist whole rivals everclear specialties contraceptive comer waikiki hanover wealthy pinto briefing eudora guernsey oakley elle ding genevieve reaction sequencing townhomes gus margera intestinal backpack august whalen harrell detectors dijon andy carlyle deficit supermarket